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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Deploying a Report to JasperReports Server

Now we have developed the report in iReport where we can run the report and, now we are going to deploy the report in JasperReport Server.
To deploy the report in JasperReport Server, start the browser and type
Default port for tomcat is 8080, so please confirm you are also using the same port.
Now enter User ID and Password (default User ID and Password is jasperadmin/jasperadmin)
Once you logged in, create a folder called “Charts” (just for tutorial, you can give any name) and right click on the Chart folder and select “Add Resources”  à“JasperReport”

Click on “Data Source” tab and select the data source from repository         (/datasources/Sample_Database__HSQLDB_test_)

And submit the report. Now you should be able to run the report.

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