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Friday, 26 July 2013

Basic Chart Properties - 3 (Jasperreport charts)

In the previous post, we saw how to concatenate two fields, change the chart properties of any text field, static filed and charts properties such as color of chart, add background color form Property Pane in iReport but after this post, you will be able to add some more properties than the ones visible in the Property Pane.

How to add additional properties

To add additional properties, select the element on which you want to add the property and select the “Properties expression” in Property Pane.

Once you click on Properties expression click on “Add” button, you will get “Add/modify property” window.
Just add the Property name that you want to use as in the above screen shot in this report I am using tick interval property and trying to set the tick intervals for value axis.

Property specifying the interval between 2 consecutive ticks on a range value axis.
If the  net.sf.jasperreports.chart.range.axis.tick.count property is set, this interval will be neglected.
If it is not set, the JFreeCharts engine will use its own defaults to instantiate the axis.
By default, it is not set.

List of Properties :-

A very large set of special properties are now available in the current version. Over the upgrade history, many new properties have enriched the list.
The full API's are available at