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Saturday, 30 June 2012

How to add hyperlinks in Jasper Server reports or dashboard

Here I am showing you how to add hyperlinks to any test box or any image in Jasper server reports, so we can open another new report by clicking on hyperlink, it will be more useful in dynamic dashboard.
      Steps to add hyperlink:-

1:-  Open any report or dashboard where you want to add hyperlink.
2:-  Right click on the text box on which you want to add hyperlink, if the text is static, transform it to the text field, then only you can see the hyperlink option.

3:- A popup menu will open when you will select the Hyperlink option, select "ReportExecution" Hyperlink type from drop-down list

 4:- Now you can add Parameter name and expression for your hyperlink.
     Click Add button 


Link parameter name:-    _report   (for any  hyperlink)
Value expression-     "repo:/path_of_that_report_in_Jasper_server_which_you_want_to_open_as_hyperlink "

Value expression should be same as Jasperserver report path.
You can copy the path from Jasper server, when you open any report in jasper server, path always written in red color.
How to link any Web page to any text or graph in Jasperserver:-


Anonymous said...


Is there a way we can open a dashboard in ireports which was created by jaspersoft server?

sharad-gupta said...

Go to Window option in Ireport and select JasperReports Server Repository option, and then click on Add new server and add all the properties such as ID(it could be anything), JasperReports Server URL,User name and Password of Jasper server.Now you can see Jasper server repository.

Gerald Varas Vargas said...

Great Post,
I have a little problem.
When I click the link on my main report I can see the linked report but the input control of the secondary report doesn't work, is this a bug? or I'm missing something in the configuration.
Thanks for your response sharad.

sharad-gupta said...

There could be two reason:-
1- Check the linked report, whether input controls are there or not
2-It is a bug of JasperReport server 4.7 and 5.0.
What is your JasperReport server version?

Anonymous said...

How can we open a hyperlink report in new window in Jasper.

Thanks ...

suresh said...

I want to drill down from a report to the adhoc view.
is this possible or not?
Thanks in advance.

suresh said...


How can i drill down or keep an hyperlink of adhoc view from an report generated from the studio.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

sharad-gupta said...

@Suresh, You can try with "Hyperlink Target" options to open the link in new tab. I do not have iReport right now so can not tell exact option.