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Saturday, 30 June 2012

JasperReport Server Customization - Upload a new theme with your company logo

You can customize your existing JasperServer as per your customer requirement.
You can change the default JasperSoft logo to your customer logo or your company logo, you can customize login page, and even you can customize your whole JasperServer as per your requirement.

Here are the some examples how to customize your existing JasperServer.

1: Upload a new your own theme- 

    a: Click on the Themes directory of the Jasper server and there you can see all the existing themes.
    b: Right click on the theme(for example- defaults) which you want to modify and select Download the theme  option.

    c: Give name to the downloaded theme and save it somewhere in your computer

    d: Right click on the Theme folder in Jasper server and select Upload a Theme option

    e: Browse the same .zip file which you just downloaded and upload the theme.

     f: Now you can upload your company logo in place of JasperSoft logo, to upload a new logo click on the your theme which you have just uploaded and select images sub directory, here you can find all the images which are currently being used by theme.

    g: Search for the logo.png image in images and edit the image, and upload your company logo but logo should be the same in dimension of JasperSoft logo.
                 (Logo dimension should be 141* 28 in pixels)
     h: Just right click on the new theme and select Set as Active Theme option.
          Now you can see new company logo in place of the JasperSoft logo.
     I: You can also change the main login page image, click on the your theme which you have just uploaded and select images sub directory, here you can find all the images which are currently being used by theme, search for the login_welcome_ce_bkgd.jpg and edit the image and upload your image(image size 669*283 in pixels)


Franklin said...

Do you know where the "" file gets uploaded on to the server? Are there any permissions that needs to be granted to ensure the upload is successful?

sharad-gupta said...

Are you using commercial edition of JasperReport server? because in community edition you do not need to add any permission, once its upload you can test by applying theme.