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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Connect R to MySQL database using RODBC package?

Download the software to connect R to MySQL database:-

1:- Download and Install MySQL database for Windows from link

2:- Download the latest version of R and Install.
          Here is the link:- Download R 

3:- Download and Install MySQL ODBC connector for Windows.
         Here is the link to download:-   MySQL ODBC connector

4:- Configuring MySQL ODBC connector using this link:
                                        Configuring a Connector/ODBC DSN on Windows
5:- Start R and go to Packages option, select load package option and select RODBC package.

                             channel <- odbcConnect("MySQL_ODBC", uid="root")
                             result  <-   paste("select * from t_target")
                             sqlQuery(channel, result,error=TRUE)

Where DSN(Data Source Name) = MySQL_ODBC or whatever you gave at step 4.



Anonymous said...

Thank you this is very helpful! Worked perfectly for me, took about 10 minutes to set up.

Much easier than compiling and configuring the rMySql package on windows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. It helped me a lot.

Yujia Zhou said...

Thank you!!! I spent almost a day trying to figure out how to install RMySQL package. It always gave me some error to which I couldn't even find answers on Google. Then I came across your post. Only a few minutes, boom! Grabbing tables from MySQL server into R with no problem!

Unknown said...

Great guide, explanatory but concise.