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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Connect Ireport to MS SQL Server database

To create a MS SQL Server database in Ireport, you need a sqljdbc driver.

Steps to create MS SQL Server database in Ireport:-

1:- Download sqljdbc (1033\sqljdbc_3.0.1301_enu.exe) driver from

After downloading driver, extract the sqljdbc4.jar file and paste into this location

                            C:\Program Files \Jaspersoft\iReport-4.0.2\ireport\modules\ext
2:-Start Ireport and go to Tool and then select Optios

Click on Class Path tab, click on Add jar tab and browse the sqljdbc4.jar file


After adding the jar file restart the Ireport.
Now you can create MS SQL Server database in Ireport.


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