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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Basic Chart Properties - 2 (Jasperreport charts)

By changing the chart properties, you can present the data in better format and make the chart more visualize. So in this post I will try to change some chart properties of the same chart that I had created in my previous post, these are some basic chart properties:-

               Chart before applying properties                                  Chart after applying properties

  • As you can see in first chart numbers are not there, to see the values of each column uncheck the Show Labels check box and check again after unchecking.
  • To change the colors of bars add the colors in Series Colors properties.
  •  You can also add the Category axis (X-axis) and Value axis (Y- Axis) labels in Category Axis Label Expression and Value Axis Label Expression property.
  •  To move the legends from bottom to top change the Legend Position to Top.
  •  X and Y Offset values are to decrease or increase the 3D effect.
  •   By adding text in to Title Expression, you can add the chart title.
  • To change the background color of chart, go to chart property and add color in Backcolor property and check the Opaque check box.


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