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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Add an input control in JasperReport Server

Now we have created the parameterized report in iReport and we have also created the input control parameter in JasperServer, after this we have to add this input control (which we just created in previous post) add with report.
To add a input control in report of JasperServer, Edit the report and select Controls & Resources button and click to Add Input Control…,

Then you will see Locate Input control page, Select an Input Control from the repository radio button and click on Browse button and chose the Input control.

In this screen, you can set the Display mode of the Input control, I suggest you to select “In Page” and submit the report.

1 comment:

veeru velpuri said...


I am facing an issue while creating an parameter for crosstab.

Means I have to use main report parameter value into some where in crosstab.

Please suggest us